Arcing Measurement System

(주)유엔아이솔루션즈는 철도기술연구원과 함께 Arcing Measurement System 관련 연구를 진행하고 있습니다.


Best & Fastest solution in evaluating quality of current collection

Percentage of Arcing Measurement & Dynamic Stagger Extraction System

– Real-time NQ (Percentage of Arcing) Analysis in accordance with IEC and EN standard
– Conformance Tester for measuring the performance of overhead contact line and pantograph interface; New catenary system & Pantograph
– Enhanced equipment functionalities and Attractive unit costs
– Measurement capabilities in day & night and Dynamic stagger & height
– Real-time measurement & analysis abilities for all functions of EN 50317
– Automatic information for maintenance: hard-spot, contact loos, damage of arcing & poor quality
– Steady Measurement up to 430km/h & Easy Installation for all kind of EMU.

Referential Use Cases

– HEMU 430x (from 300km/h to 423km/h), KTXI, KTXII, EMU, Metros
– OHL: Kyoungbu-KTX line, Honam-KTX line, Conventional & Metro lines.