System Integration

UNI Solutions Co., Ltd., a partner of National Instruments, provides solutions in application of LabVIEW and HW of NI for test automation in all fields.

Electricity & Electronics

Electrical Components, Mobile Phones, TVs, LCDs, Multimedia, Semiconductors, and Image Processing


RF, Adaptive Optics, Inspection Equipment, Simulators


Auto Parts, Hils, Arcing Measurement, Measurement/Certification Related with Trains and Railroads


Injection, Assembly, Packing Machines, etc.

UNI Solutions Co., Ltd. provides closely integrated HW and SW package which can measure and automate the working environment.
Provides an optical modular solution easily used for a variety of applications throughout automated testing, data logging, industrial control, and embedded design based on cutting-edge commercial technology such as ADC, FPGA, and PC bus.