RF Record & Playback

Best and Fastest solution for RF Record and Playback

– 41XX08 (500MHz BW, 8TB)
– 46XX08 (100MHz BW, 8TB)


Global Navigation Satellite System

Radio Broadcasting
– FM, RDS, IBOC, XM, Sirius, DAB

TV Broadcasting

Military and Aerospace
– Datalink, Telemetry

Any RF communication system

Record and Playback Flow

System Configuration

Hardware Features (RFRnP-41XX08)

ㆍPXI express platform
ㆍ1Rx-1Tx ~ 2Rx-2Tx
ㆍFrequency Range : 9kHz(65MHz*1)~ 6GHz
ㆍReal Time Bandwidth : Up to 500MHz(100MHz*1)
ㆍBit Resolution : 16bits(Rx, Tx)
ㆍRx Amplitude Range : Averaged Noise level to +30dBm(CW RMS)
ㆍRx Average Noise Density : -145dBm/Hz (410MHz ~ 6.0GHz, -5dBm Reference Level)
ㆍRx Average Noise Density*1 : -145dBm/Hz (65MHz ~ 4.0GHz, -10dBm Reference Level)
ㆍTx Power Range : Noise Floor to +10dBm average power(<6GHz(4GHz*1), CW)
ㆍ8TB SSD RAID-0 storage capacity (16/32TB available)
ㆍIRIG-B(AM) Time Based Record
ㆍRack mountable KVM(option)
ㆍRack type carrying case(option)
ㆍPCM, Analog Record and Playback(option)
ㆍOperating Temperature : 0 to 55deg
ㆍRelative Humidity : 10 ~ 90%
*1 RFRnP-46XX08 specification

Software Features

ㆍUser Friendly GUI
ㆍSystem Time and IRIG-B Time display
ㆍSpectrum Graph (Record Configure/Record/Playback/File Analyze)
ㆍConfigurable Record (Channel/Bandwidth/Center Frequency and Span/Record Time/Reference Level)
ㆍSave Time Available Display
ㆍRecord Buffer Status Display
ㆍConfigurable Playback(Channel/Repetition/Power Offset/ Frequency Offset)
ㆍPlayback Start Time/End Time or Playback Time Selectable
ㆍPlayback Buffer Status Display
ㆍPreview File (Record Information/Spectrum based of IRIG Time)
ㆍFile Segment(Based on IRIG-B Time) Playback Function with Repetition
ㆍIndependent Spectrum Analyzer Software
ㆍPCM, Analog Record and Playback(option)

Software GUI

System Specifications

RFRnP Specification 41XX08 46XX08
Frequency Range 9kHz to 6 GHz 65 MHz to 6 GHz
Brandwidth >650 MHz to 1.3 GHz, 100MHz
>1.3 GHz to 2.2 GHz, 250 MHz
>2.2 GHz to 6 GHz, 500 MHz
>109 MHz to 200 MHz, 40MHz
>200 MHz to 6 GHz, 100 MHz
Tuning resolution <1 uHz 888 Nhz
Single Sidebrand Phase Noise @ 20 kHz offset, >3 GHz to 4 GHz – 102 dBc/Hz -91 dBc/Hz
Internal Frequency Referece, Aging ±1X10-6 per year, max
RF Input Amplitude range @ CW RMS(120 MHz to 6 GHz), Average noise level ~ ±30 dBm
Relative Amplitude Accuracy(120 MHz to 6 GHz) ±20 dBm
Absolute Ampliude Accuracy(120 MHz to 6 GHz) ±0.25 dB typical ±0.55 dB
Amplitude settling time(<0.1dB of final value) 70us, typical 125us, typical
Average Noise Density(410Mhz~6.0GHz, -10 dBm Reference Level) Min -149 dBm/Hz Min -144 dBm/Hz
Nonharoic spurs(1.3GHz to 6GHz, 10kHz≤Offset<100kHz) -62 dBc, typical -55 dBc, typical
LO Residual Power(>1.3GHz to 6GHz, -30dBm to <+30dBm reference level) -45 dBr, typical -47 dBr, typical
RF Output Power Range @ CW(120MHz to 6GHz), Average power, Noise floor to ~ Min +1- dBm Min +7 dBm
Output attenuator resolution 1 dB, nominal 2 dB, nominal
Digital attenuation resolutions <0.1 dB <0.1 dB
Amplitude Settling Time(0.5dB of final value) 60us, typical 300us, typical
Output Power Level Accuracy(120MHz to 6GHz), 0℃ to 55℃ ±0.25 dB typical Max ±0.6 dB typical
Average Output Noise Density(1.3GHz to 6GHz), 0 dBm peak power setting Max -139 dBm/Hz, typical Max -147 dBm/Hz, typical
Second Harmonic Level(1.3GHz to 2.7GHz) -45 dBc, typical -26 dBc, typical
Nonharmonic spurs(2.2GHz to 4.5GHz), 1 MHz≤Offset -65 dBc, typical -70 dBc, typical
Third-Order Ouptup Intermodulation Distortion(IMD3) (1.3GHz to 2.7GHz) Max -55 dBc, typical Max -45 dBc, typical
LO Residual Power(2.2GHz to 4.5GHz) Max -51 dBr, typical Max -53 dBr, typical
Residual Sideband Image(2.2GHz to 4.5GHz) Max -43 dBc, typical Max -55 dBc, typical
Baseband ADCs Sample rate 19kS/s to 1.25GS/s 4kS/s to 250MS/s
DACs Sample rate 19kS/s to 1.25GS/s 4kS/s to 250MS/s
Onboard FPGA Xlinix Virex-7 X690T Xlinix Virex-6 LX240T
FPGA LUTs 433,200 150,720
Embedded block RAM 52.9 Mbits 14.976 Mbits
Onboard DRAM 2banks, 2GB per bank 2banks, 512MB per bank
Front Panel RF IN Connector SMA(female)
Input impedance 50 ohm, nominal AC coupled
Maximum DC input voltage without damage ±10V ±8V
Absolute maximum input power > 120MHz +33 dBm(CW RMS)
Input Return Loss(VSWR), 1.2GHz to 3.8GHz(41XX08), 2.4GHz to 4GHz(46XX08) 15.0 dB(1.43:1) 12.7 dB(1.60:1)
Front Panel RF OUT Connector SMA(female)
Input impedance 50 ohm, nominal AC coupled
Absolute maximum reverse power > 120MHz(41XX08), <4GHz(46XX08) +33 dBm(CW RMS) +33 dBm(CW RMS)
Output Return Loss(VSWR), 500MHz to 2.8GHz(41XX08), 2GHz to 5GHz(46XX08) 17.0 dB(1.33:1) 14.0 dB(1.50:1)
Time Synchronization IRIG-B 12X(AM), IRIG-B 00X(DC) GPS, IEEE 1588-2008 Time Trigger Synchronization
Storage SSD 2TBx4(8TB)-0.88 hour at 500MHz bandwidth
Calibration 1 year
Environment Operating temperature 0 to 55℃
Operating Relative humidity 10 to 90%